Pinups For Pink!

Pinups For Pink!

Hello friends!

Did you have a fabulous weekend? I certainly hope so! I did! I had the pleasure of participating in a silent charity auction with the ladies at Pinups For Pink last Saturday at Ginger 62 here in Vancouver. It was such a great experience!Pinups For Pink is a charity initiative led by 3 women whose goal was to add footprints on the road to finding a cure for breast cancer. They decided to create a calendar showcasing some of the rising stars in the community – women who are innovators and leaders when it comes to making change – women who I aspire to be like with every smile, every hug, and every move I make to better the lives of those around me.I baked one of my famous cakes and 2 banana breads for the event, and passed out samples all night. I’m happy to report that they went over very well! I also auctioned off my very first private cooking class for 4 people. This marks my first business venture under Delectable You – a momentous occasion for me, to say the least!Check out some video and pictures below. check out this link to another video from the end of the night!

Thank you to the ladies at Pinups For Pink for being amazing and inspiring those around you to stay positive, strive for excellence, and never give up.

And thank you, friends, for supporting me in my recent ventures! I couldn’t do any of this without your well wishes. Even though most of you are far away, knowing you are in my life, rooting for me, keeps me motivated to keep on keeping on, and to be the change I want to see in the world. And on the days where I would rather not, you give me the strength to find a new set of eyes. So thanks 🙂

Have a lovely evening, and may you dream the sweetest dreams tonight!

Love always,